Project I worked on

A. Genseq project MyFamilyHealth:

B. Biobase project on Integrated Product:

I worked as a Bioinformatician, entrusted with the web-development of Integrated Product which is a comprehensive archive for displaying Biological information related with Transcription factors, Metabolic pathways, proteins and genes. I used web-technologies like Perl CGI, HTML and CSS. I also used SQL for handling back-end data from ORACLE and MySQL Databases. My work also involved extensive collaboration with other groups within this company for the analysis of biological data based on computational and statistical approaches.

C. UCD, Conway Institute project on EATDB:

As a Bioinformatics Research student in the Enzyme group at Conway, UCD, Ireland, I was involved in the development of EATDB (Enzyme Analysis Tool and Database). EATDB is web enabled python software for archiving experimental data on enzymes.